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CSCS have a number of different networks in operation, many with specific purposes. Servers can be configured on most of our networks depending on what is required. Most servers and equipment will be connected to our standard internal network which allows access for all internal users, but is not directly accessible from the internet. Other options include a DMZ, the SDHS or a specific departmental network. We will discuss with you the options before commencing configuration of your server.

The Servers within the DMZ will be a PVLAN for isolation with access controlled by Firewall rulesrequire firewall rules for Egress and Ingress.

CSCS can allow servers hosted in our standard network to be accessed via the internet if required. For standard web access using HTTP (TCP 80) or HTTPS (TCP 443) we are able to publish the website through our web proxy appliances which offer a level of protection by scanning incoming web traffic.


  1. CSCS will provide suitable equipment racks, power distribution, network patch leads and blanking panels.
  2. Rack rails/brackets for equipment are to be provided by the customer. If rails are not available, then equipment is to be located on a rack shelf.  Any costs for supply of rack rails or shelves shall be covered by the customer.
  3. Blanking panels must be installed in all empty rack spaces to facilitate correct air flow.
  4. Customers are to provide CSCS with details of the equipment to be hosted and must notify CSCS of any changes in the equipment to be hosted (or change in named primary contact).
  5. Charges will be levied for each full or partial rack unit (U) space occupied by the customer equipment and any rack accessories required to support the customer equipment.
  6. Access into CSCS Server Rooms will be provided during normal working hours (8:30am - 5:00pm, Mon – Fri). We request 24 hours’ notice for access, although we appreciate that in some circumstances this is not always possible.  Access must be requested by means of a form on our website (
  7. Access into CSCS Server Rooms outside of working hours can be arranged with CSCS. An extra charge will be applicable to cover staff charges calculated at 1.5 x the current hourly rate for each hour or part thereof.
  8. CSCS require that all physical equipment be covered by an active hardware maintenance agreement with the hardware vendor.
  9. Customers must not attempt to adjust or alter server room infrastructure, including air-conditioning, power and fire systems.
  10. Customers should only ever work on their own equipment, and must not interfere with any other equipment or control systems in the server room
  11. Customers are to provide CSCS with a list of users authorised to access the hosted equipment. This same list of users will be used for communications regarding the hosting. A minimum of 2 contacts should be supplied.
  12. Where possible a CSCS will provide a minimum of 48 hours notice to customers where the power or networking is to be disrupted.
  13. All physical equipment remains the property of the customer.
  14. The backup of physical servers shall remain the customers responsibility. It is recommended that data sets are stored on central storage servers and then these shares are mounted from the server, large internal storage should only be used as am ephmerial scratch space.

7.3 Virtual Server Hosting