Try Me First - General Troubleshooting for Exchange Online Migration


If you have recently been migrated to Exchange Online and are experiencing problems. Here are some basic tips to get you going


Exchange Online Webmail should be your go-to if you experience any problems with Outlook. This is a full-featured mail client that requires no setup.

Unable to log in to Exchange Online?

  1. Make sure you are using your raven crsid and password (not medschl)

  2. Confirm you are using able to log in to Raven and have synchronised your passwords:

  1. Go to the UIS password app at

  2. Click the Login button and log in with your Raven credentials. If you are able to log in you have the correct credentials

  3. Click on the History tab and look for a line with a green tick mark indicating University Active Directory: Updated

    1. if you have an entry like that that is more than 3 hours old, your account has been synchronised.

    2. If you have an entry like that but it is less than 3 hours old, wait until 3 hours have passed and try again.

    3. If you do not have that entry at all - go to this page and follow from step 5.

  1. If you need to change your Raven password

    1. Go to the UIS password app at

    2. On the Manage tab click Change Password

  2. If you do not know your Raven password

    1. Go to and try the self service password recovery. This will only work if you signed up for password recovery

    2. If you did not and cannot recovery your password, please contact the CSCS Service Desk and we will assist you with a password reset token.

Unable to use Outlook?

  1. if this is your first time going into Outlook after being migrated, you need to set up a new profile. See this page for help:

  2. Look at this page for help on setting up a mail client on any computer or mobile device:

  3. Getting errors when signing in to Outlook or a mail client?

    1. Make sure you are using your Raven information (the same userid/password that you use to access Employee Self Service) and NOT your medschl account (i.e. not the one to sign in to your PC)

    2. Look at the ‘Unable to log in to Exchange Online’ section above

  4. Error message ‘You currently have not been assigned an office license that includes the Office desktop apps’

    1. You appear to not have the right kind of licence to use Outlook. Use webmail (see blue info box above for the address) and contact the CSCS Service Desk so that we can request the correct licence for you. This may take a few days.

  5. To check if your account has an Exchange Online license, which is required to access Outlook service: Go to the Office portal (, log in with Raven credentials, then click Avatar (or your initials - in the top-right corner) > View account > Subscriptions (on left). If it says A1 you do not have the correct licence to use Outlook. Use webmail for now and contact the CSCS Service Desk

Microsoft Exchange Errors

You may see this error

Click Use Temporary Mailbox (you may see the error several times, so click 'Use Temporary Mailbox each time)

Outlook should open up

Close Outlook and relaunch. You should not get the error and you an work in your email.

If the error keeps recurring, once you have transitioned any settings & rules you need out of your medschl mailbox you should delete all of your mail profiles and create a new one. Please follow this guide to create a new profile:
You should delete all other profiles in the list when you do so.

Error: Something went wrong - The maximum number of Microsoft Exchange accounts has been added


There is a limit of 10 accounts that can be added to Outlook by default. Contact the CSCS Service Desk to have that number increased.


Email questions

  1. My email is slow

    1. While your mail is being migrated, Outlook may be slow. Try webmail and see if that improves performance.

  2. My email is duplicated

    1. If you had an Exchange Online (or Hermes previously) mailbox prior to the migration you may have been forwarding email from your @cam address to your @medschl through a number of methods. You will need to delete any duplicates manually. If there are large numbers of duplicate email messages, please contact the CSCS Service Desk.

  3. I’m not getting any email

    1. Check the Exchange Online webmail - once the migration process is begun, all your email should go to this mailbox.

  4. I am missing email

    1. Depending on the size of your mailbox it may take up to 2 days for all of your email to appear.

  5. I saw some Non Delivery Report email messages

    1. During the migration of your mailbox you may see the odd non delivery report about a message you sent. The message will have been resent later so you can delete these.

  6. I noticed that in the From field on a new email message the address is shown as @cam.

    1. It takes 4-5 days for that field to be displayed correctly. Immediately after migration your mail should be sent from the address you were using previously (usually @medschl). If you are concerned, we suggest that you send a test email to an external email address and confirm that the sender is as it should be. If it is not, please contact the CSCS Service Desk.

  7. What happened to my rules?

    1. Your rules will need to be manually recreated. Please see this guide -

  8. People aren’t getting my emails

    1. If medschl email addresses aren’t receiving your messages check if they have migrated to Exchange Online yet. If they have no you will need to type in the full medschl email address for it to send. The address book you are using after migration will only go to migrated medschl mailboxes and cam mailboxes.

Other issues - getting help