Installing the VPN on an Android Phone

To set up the VPN on an Android phone you can follow these instructions. The screens may vary depending on the Android version or manufacturer changes to the phone operating system but you the information you need to configure it is all contained below.


Go to the APP Store on your device and search for FortiClient VPN

Select FortiClient VPN and select Install


Open the Forticlient App. It will tell you that it needs permissions, tap OK and then when prompted, allow permissions


After clicking allow, the FortiClient will open and you can create your VPN.

Name the VPN Clinical School and select SSL VPN. Then tap Create.

Tap ‘Port’ and change this to 10443, then tap OK

Tap Servers and enter, then tap OK. Instead of Servers you may see Remote Gateways

Tap the three lines in the top right of the window and choose VPN. The VPN settings you just created will be listed. Click Clinical School and then Connect

Enter your crsid and password and tap Login

You will be prompted to accept a Connection Request “FortiClient VPN wants to set up a VPN connection that allows it to monitor your network traffic. Only accept if you trust the source”. Tap OK and it will connect.


You can now work on your phone via the VPN. When you are finished, open the VPN and click Disconnect.