Installing the VPN on an Apple Phone

If you wish to install the VPN on an Apple mobile phone you can follow the instructions below.

Please note that these instructions were done using IOS version 16.3 and FortiClient VPN version 7. If you are on a different version of IOS or the FortiClient software changes these screenshots may not be identical to what you see but the information you put in and the options you choose should still be correct.


From the app store search for FortiClient VPN and download the FortiClient VPN.

Tap I accept to accept the privacy policy

A pop up will appear to confirm your acceptance that the free app comes with no support. Tap I accept again.

You may be prompted with a popup “FortiClientVPN” would like to add VPN configurations. Select Allow. Then when prompted enter your passcode.

To configure the new connection select Select Connection from the Connections menu.


Select Add Configuration… and a blank configuration screen will appear


Fill out th Add/Edit VPN screen as follows:

Name: Clinical School


Port: 10443 and leave all other options at the default. Tap Save on the top right of the screen.

Tap VPN on the top left of the screen to go back to the main VPN screen.

To connect to the vpn tap the slider next to “VPN” to turn it green. You can also choose to save the password.

You will be prompted for your username and password. Use your medschl account and enter your CRSID as the username (without the addition of the and your password, then click “OK”

You should now be connected on the Clinical School’s VPN. it will stay connected until you disconnect.

To disconnect go to the FortiClient app and tap the slider next to “VPN” and so it moves to the left and is no longer green. The status should then change to Disconnected.