Connecting to Network Drives from a CSCS Managed Device

This page has instructions on how to map a network drive to the Hutch Servers (e.g. Minerva, Borr, etc.) from a CSCS Managed Device.


  1. Ensure you are either connected to the Hutchison or Clinical School network, or are connected to the VPN.
  2. Open Windows Explorer and browse to "This PC"
  3. Click on "Map Network Drive" (you may have to click on the "Computer" tab if it is hidden):
  4. In the window that opens, ensure the "Reconnect at sign-in" and "Connect using different credentials" boxes are both ticked. Enter the path to the share (including "" after the name - e.g. "\\\Centre") and then click Finish:
  5. You will then be asked for your credentials:
  6. You need to enter "h-mrc\" followed by your CRSID and your Hutchison password. Tick the "Remember my credentials" box to save them for the automatic mapping:
  7. Click on "OK" and then after a few seconds a window will pop up showing the mapped drive.