How to Sync Settings with Intune


If you find your device is missing some software which you expected to be put on it by CSCS or some settings have not applied it is advisible to initally try and Sync your device. This will force the device to check in with the online service and it should attempt to then collect any updated policies and download programs. The device will complete this at each logon and at intervals whilst it is on, but it can also be done manually if wished.


Note: Even after a device has Synchronised, it can take some time before everything updates & software installs - please be patient.

There are 2 methods to Synchronising from the device to Intune - either from the Settings application built into Windows, or from the "Company Portal" application if it is installed. You must be signed into the PC to synchronise the settings from it.

 From Settings
  1. Open the Settings application - Either by going to the Start menu and click the Settings button:

    Or by typing "Settings" into the search and open the Settings application: 
  2. Click on "Accounts":
  3. Click on "Access work or school":
  4. Click on the "Connected to Clinical School Computing Service's Azure AD" item, and then click the "Info" button:
  5. Scroll down the page until you see "Device Sync Status", and click the "Sync" button:
  6. The button will grey-out and some dots will go across under it. After a minute or so they will stop, and the "Last Attempted Sync" will change to the current date & time.
 From the Company Portal App

Note: You must be signed in with a Domain Account, or sign into the Company Portal app with a domain account.

  1. Open the Company Portal Application (search Start for "Company Portal"):

    1. If prompted, select the domain (this will set the "default logon domain" so users don't have to enter the full email address):

      (You will not be prompted if this has already been set)
  2. Click on "Settings" in the bottom-left corner:
  3. Click the "Sync" button. It will grey-out, blue dots will go across underneath it and a message saying "Syncing" will appear:
  4. After a minute or so it will say "Last sync was successful" underneath the "Sync" button: