Leavers Guide


If you are leaving your job there are a few things to consider before you go to ensure that your colleagues have access to important data and information.  

Once CSCS has been notified of your departure, your account will be disabled and cannot be accessed any longer.

Accounts and data will be archived and completely removed no sooner than 90 days after the departure date.

Please note that only you or HR can authorise access to your data - even after you have left - so it is preferable that this is considered in advance.


This applies to anyone with a Mints, Biosci or SLCU account who is leaving the University completely, or is moving to a different department.


Most people have data in a few different places, all of which should be considered prior to leaving.


If you have one, your @medschl or @slcu alias will be removed from your University mailbox with immediate effect as part of your CSCS Account disablement. Your primary address will revert to @cam.

If you are staying within the University: Your Exchange mailbox will not otherwise be affected by your CSCS Account cancellation and will continue to receive mail sent to your @cam address.

If you are leaving the University: Your Exchange mailbox and @cam address will cease to function when your Raven account is cancelled. This is not actioned by CSCS.

Your mailbox should have an out of office set before you leave so that anyone who contacts you is aware of your departure. You can set up automatic forwarding to direct internal mail, or you can set up an auto-reply in the Outlook web app. These rules will cease to function after 90days, when your mailbox is deleted by UIS.

Further information on setting an auto-reply that gives an alternative contact address when someone attempts to email after your @cam mailbox has been deleted can be found on the UIS guidance page here: https://help.uis.cam.ac.uk/service/accounts-passwords/leaving

You should never provide your username and password to a colleague to check your mailbox in your absence. If your department requires your mailbox contents to survive your departure, a copy of your mail messages can be backed up and provided to a colleague should they be needed in future.  See our guide on archiving email here - Archiving Outlook email .

Alternatively, colleagues can be granted access to your mailbox with your permission but this needs to be requested directly to the UIS before you leave and will only function for the 90days before the mailbox is deleted.

Personal drive

Your home or personal drive (U:) contents will be archived and eventually deleted so make sure that you move any files your colleagues may need to your group drive. If you have any personal files please take appropriate copies and delete. If you need help with this, please contact the Service Desk.  


We do not recommend that you store data on your computer as it is easily lost or overlooked.  Please ensure that you copy any files your colleagues may need to your group drive.
Computing equipment remains the property of your department and so you should liaise with your supervisor or departmental administrator over it's return.

If moving to another department of the Clinical School, Zoology or SLCU:

If you are moving to another department that uses CSCS Services, please contact the department administrator of your new department and advise them that you already have a CSCS Account. They will need to confirm the transfer of your account, permissions and needs with CSCS.