Installing Software

Usually you will receive a download link when you purchase a licence. However, this will require Administrator rights to install, and will probably require patches to be applied manually. If you are using a CSCS supported computer, there is a more convenient option:

The CSCS Self Service Software Library

CSCS maintains an up to date library of scientific and administrative software. This can be used to install software at any time, without admin rights, and we build the patches into the installer. This service is available both on and offsite.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your MINTS or Biosci or SLCU logon credentials
  3. Click on Downloads
  4. Browse or Search for software to install. Some packages have multiple versions, so make sure you pick the version you have a licence for.
  5. Clicking on a software title will take you to the Info page where you can see:
    1. Installation Instructions - This will tell you what to expect when installing, what will happen to older versions of the software, and if you need to activate before use.
    2. Description - This will tell you what the software does.
    3. Corporate Licensing Policy - This will tell you if you need a licence, and if a trial period is available.
    4. Vendor Licence - This tells you where to buy a licence of you don;t already have one.
    5. Manufacturer and Related Support Links - These provide links to the developer support pages.
    6. Device to install software on -  This gives you a list of computers which you've recently logged in to, choose where to install the software.
  6. Click Install
  7. The software will be copied to your computer and then setup will begin *please note some software packages are very large, and can take a long time to copy - especially if you are off-site on a slow connection*

Troubleshooting installations from the software library

If you have problems with the Software Library, please see the troubleshooting steps in the library knowledgebase (

Adding new software to the Software Library

Updated versions of existing software will be added to the library as soon as possible.

If you have a new application you would like added to the library, please contact us. Please be aware that as adding as testing software is a lengthy process, at least 20 users should require the software for it to be worthwhile.

Installation by The Service Desk

The Service Desk can install software applications for you remotely, if either you or we have the installer. For a list of the software packages that we have, see Software Versions - Availability and Compatibility.

Software Deployments to Multiple Computers

We can also push software out to multiple computers. This can be done silently at start up, or give users a message with an option to upgrade depending on the situation. If you would like to organise a deployment or upgrade on a group of computers, then contact the Service Desk.

If you would like software from the library to be deployed automatically to a large group of computers, please contact the Service Desk to discuss.