Anti-virus Solutions

Any device connecting to the University of Cambridge network must have anti-virus software installed through a managed anti-virus system.

Computers supported by CSCS

Sophos is currently compatible with the below and should be installed on all computers supported by CSCS.

  • Windows 10 and 11

  • MacOS 10.13 and above

We do not currently offer a supported anti-virus solution for Linux clients.

Computers not supported by CSCS and Linux Operating Systems:

If you are connecting to the University network it is important that you have managed anti-virus software installed on the computer. This could be Sophos (see FAQ below if you aren’t sure if you have it installed) or the University’s managed anti-virus solution called Trellix. There are 2 different locations from which Trellix can be installed depending on if you are on the University network or not. it is preferable to install Trellix whilst on the University network. This could be when using Eduroam or the UIS VPN.

Install from within the University network (Preferred method)

  1. Linux:

    1. Extract the install package

    2. Open Terminal, then switch to the location where you copied the file

    3. $chmod +x ./ , $sudo ./ -i  OR $sudo ./

  2. Mac:


  3. Windows:

    1. Installation instructions:

Install from outside the University network:

  1. Download the installer for your operating system:

    1. Windows:

      1. Installation instructions:

    2. Linux:

    3. Mac:

  2. After installing Trellix please email the Service Desk with your computer name and username you used so that we can set it up on our end.

Home Computers

If you want a free anti-virus solution for a home/personal computer that does not ever connect to the University networks or VPN, you can obtain one of the following. NB if your computer is used to access the University networks or VPN use the solution above.


Q. How to tell if my computer has anti-virus software?

A. On a Windows device, select the upward arrow icon in the bottom right of your screen, near the clock which takes you to the system tray. A menu will expand that displays icons for programs running on your PC. If a blue and white shield icon appears , Sophos is installed and running correctly. If you see an icon that looks like a blue and green forward slash , you have Trellix installed and running correctly. You can select the Sophos or Trellix icon to see further information or run a scan. 


On a macOS device, if you see a white shield with an ‘S’ inside it in the bar at the top right of your screen, Sophos is installed and running correctly. You can select it to run a scan. 

Q. Why not Windows Defender?

A. Windows Defender does not meet the University's Protection of Malware Standard. It does minimally protect a computer but is not sufficient protection against many threats.

Q. What is managed anti-virus?

A. Managed anti-virus software is monitored through a central console so that IT staff get alerts of infections, installation problems, etc.