Druva inSync

What is Druva inSync?

Druva inSync is a laptop / mobile device backup product that backs your files up from any internet connection, anywhere. Once installed on your device it monitors files for changes before compressing, encrypting and sending the data to our servers.
Once enrolled on the service, you may install the client on as many devices as you wish; the only limitation is your available storage space, which you may expand as you wish in the usual manner at £8/50GB/month.
Once backed up, you can restore your files onto any computer using a web interface or onto your Android or iPhone using the Druva app.

Who is Druva inSync for?

This service will suit mobile workers who create data outside of the office. Ordinarily your files are only backed up to the CSCS servers if you are onsite. With this service, your data is backed up from anywhere.

What is Druva inSync 'Share'?

inSync Share is an add-on that aimed at people with multiple computers. It provides a folder that is kept in sync between your computers. If you have used Dropbox, then it is similar to that in functionality.

How much does the service cost?

The service is chargeable at £5 per month as of .

What will change?

Your documents will be moved from your 50GB network homedrive to your computer. Your 50GB network homedrive quota will be reused to store your inSync backup.

What are the minimum specifications for joining?

Druva is compatible with PCs running Windows 7 or later, Ubuntu 14.04 or later or Macs running 10.9 or later.
Both x86 and x64 versions are supported. The minimum hardware specification is a 1.5 GHz CPU and 512MB of RAM; most machines under five years old should have no problem running the service.

How do I join the service?

To prepare your machine for the service, we will need it for an afternoon and night in order to move your data; please get in contact to arrange this. Once the machine is ready we will then deliver it back to you and spend some time customising the settings as appropriate. In case you wish to change the settings at a later date, we do provide a user guide.