SDHS: SAS and STATA Applications

CSCS have made SAS and STATA applications available to studies within the SDHS. These applications have been made available to allow users to perform data management and data cleansing operations on datasets within the SDHS.

Computational Work

The solution provided by CSCS is not suitable for extensive computational work.

If any user is found to be using the hosted applications for intensive operations, CSCS will contact the user in the first instance to ask them to adapt their processes. If intensive workloads continue to be initiated, then the user access to the resources will be removed.


To use either application, the nominated user must fulfil the following requirements:


  • You must be a user of the SDHS.
  • You must have a licence for STATA 14 or newer
  • Your licence must be for STATA IC, SE or MP.
  • Your licence must not be currently installed on more than 2 machines (unless it explicitly allows multiple machines)
  • If the licence is Annual, then the licence must be in date

Documentation proving that you are a currently licensed user is required to be submitted with your application. A screen capture of the STATA About page is acceptable.


  • TBC - We are waiting on written confirmation from SAS that we are able to offer this application.

Apply to Use SAS or STATA

Applications to use either application are performed through the standard SDHS Study Amendment Request form which can be found here:

Accessing the Applications

Once your application to use the software has been processed, the software will be shown on the Start Menu when you log in to the SDHS.


CSCS are making STATA and SAS available with no extra charges to users who have access to the SDHS and already hold an existing STATA licence.