Leaver Responsibilities for all at MRC-CU/Hutchison


  • The purpose of this document is to clearly outline responsibilities for any Hutchison user leaving their institution or the University.
  • If you are leaving, access to IT services facilities will be withdrawn when your employment officially ends 
  • You are expected to take responsibility for transfer of required data from accounts before the end of their employment.
  • You are expected to liaise with the Hutchison HR  teams to approve the removal of any equipment from the site and follow agreed procedures prior to its removal.

CSCS advises that users action the following steps: 

Personal drive (FS3 drive/My Documents) 

  • If your personal drive/folder contains files that you will still need after you leave, you should take a copy of these before you go. If there are files that other people will need to access after you leave (e.g. shared documents), make sure that you share copies with them or copy to group drives. 


  • Once your IT account expires all email will be rejected, with a notification sent to the sender. Any email forwarding that you've set up will cease to operate. We recommend that you make your contacts aware of your new email address before your account expires. You should unsubscribe from any mailing lists or update your subscription with your new email address. If you are the sole user/owner of a shared email address, ensure this is transferred to a colleague or closed.  
  • Please archive and export any emails you wish to retain, a guide on how to do this can be found here. 

Research data 

  • If your personal drive and/or other folders in group shared drives contains research data that you have created/collected, please ensure that you appraise your research data, and take appropriate action: 
  • Dispose of data securely, if the data has fulfilled its purpose 
  • If you have data that you wish to take with you, then:  
  • please ensure that this has been agreed in accordance with legal, ethical, research funder and collaborator requirements and with particular concern for the confidentiality and security of the data. 
  • ensure that you take a copy of the data prior to the end of your employment and while IT services are available to you.  
  • Identify data of long-term value or data that underpins published results and transfer it to a central location or service. You only need to do this if you have not yet deposited this data with an external data repository or handed it over to the University for long-term storage/access. 


  • If you have a departmental or group owned machine which you wish to take with you, please contact your local HR team to discuss purchase options. If a device is leaving the site a request would need to be submitted to CSCS from an HR representative. Once with CSCS the device would be wiped and returned to the leaver in due course. 

Other accounts 

  • If you are the owner of any other IT accounts then these will also expire at the same time as your main account. If any of these accounts will still be required after you leave (e.g. management accounts on shared equipment), please contact the CSCS service desk so that ownership can be transferred to a colleague.