SDHS: Printing

Some studies may require access to printers for producing mail merges, labels or other documentation using data that is held within the safe haven. 

Studies that require the use of a printer for their workflows can apply through the submission of a Study Amendment Request to have a specific printer made available for nominated users. This request will be reviewed by CSCS and the Information Governance Office (IGO) prior to the printer being made available to the study.  Please note that Multifunction Devices are not able to work with the SDHS.

CSCS reserves the right to reject a request to have a printer added to the SDHS if it would introduce risks into the infrastructure of the SDHS. The IGO may also reject the request if they feel that there are insufficient requirements for printing for the study in question. Disputes will be resolved through an escalation with the Information Governance Office and the CSCS Management Team.

The following conditions are required to allow a printer to be added to a study:

  • Printer must be networked, managed by CSCS with a print queue on the CSCS print server
  • Each person requiring access must be individually named. Access may not be configured for all users in a study
  • Printer must be located in a physically secure location that is not in a public area.