Clinical School Rooms & Accessibility

Hearing Loops

These are in the Lecture Theatres: William Harvey (Clinical School), Lecture Theatre 2 (Clinical School) and Clifford Allbutt (CAB - Clifford Allbutt Building)

Infra-red Devices

For all Seminar Rooms, Infra-red devices can be used, please see below table / links for further details.

3 year Warranty (TBC)

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ProductProduct No.QuantityLocationUseDescriptionDocumentationImage
Portable IR kit for the hard of hearingLS-882Two cases in Tony's office labelled: A & BFor use in rooms which do not have a Transmitter:
SR4, SR5, SR6, SR7, SR8, SR13, SR14, SR15, SR6, SR17, SR21
Offering a complete assistant listening solution with the LS-88-01 Portable ListenIR iDSP system. The setup meets all IBC and ADA requirments for small to medium-size rooms with a capacity of up to 50, and the entire system is easily transported and stored in its own carrying case. Each system includes a ListenIR Transmitter/Radiator Combo as well as recievers, ear speakers, and neck loop lanyards for multiple users, in addition to other required equipment.

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IR receiver with intelligent DSP (1-12)LR-5200-IR12In the charging carry case in Tony Phelp's office (next to reception). Case not to be given to user.For use in conjunction with transmitters / portable kit and lanyardThe integrated neck loop and lanyard with DSP loop driver makes the LR-5200-IR easy to wear and simple to use for listeners with T-coil equipped hearing aids. Additionally, the OLED display built in to each receiver provides at-a-glance information including channel status, battery level, and more.

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Neck loop lanyard for receiver (includes headphone socket)LA-43012In the charging carry case in Tony Phelp's office (next to reception). Case not to be given to user.

For use in conjunction with transmitters / portable kit:

To be used with the above or in rooms with built in transmitters.

The LA-430 integrated neck loop has an integrated 3.5mm earphone jack allowing the wearer to connect any of Listen Technologies’ universal earphones or ear buds. The unit easily slips over the head to be worn comfortably around the neck, and it features a quick release for added safety. listening for individuals with telecoil-equipped hearing aids and cochlear implants.

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Intelligent 12-unit charging /carry case for receiver - with PSULA-3801In Tony's office, must be kept plugged in at all timesLocated in Tony's office next to reception and must be plugged into power at all times

Designed to offer a secure and convenient way to store, transport, and charge your Listen Technologies iDSP receivers.

The interior tray can accommodate and charge up to twelve (12) iDSP receiver units, and each tension lock slot ensures secure storage and proper power connectivity. An interior pocket also provides storage for earphones and other accessories.

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In room transmittersLT-8412SR1,SR2, SR3, SR10, SR11, SR12, SR18, SR19, SR20 and eLearning 1-3Ceiling mounted in listed seminar rooms (see Location)

The LT-84 can transmit a clear, reliable signal across 2,787 square meters (30,000 square feet). This signal range ensures that users in any mid-sized space, from boardroom to courtroom and beyond, enjoy uninterrupted audio performance.

The LT-84 is also the first infrared assistive listening system to feature expansion radiators (LA-141), which provide delay compensation to ensure that there are no signal cancellation dropouts.

In addition, the LT-84 is the only two-channel transmitter-radiator that can transmit on up to four different frequencies (2.3 MHz, 2.8 MHz, 3.3 MHz, or 3.8 MHz). This flexibility in the field makes setup and operation even easier, while also eliminating the need to purchase separate, frequency-specific transmitter-radiator units.

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