Windows Update on Laptops


This page provides information on how Windows Updates are configured on "Remotely Managed Devices" (Laptops enrolled into InTune).


CSCS have implemented Forced Update Installations on Remotely Managed Devices, to ensure that all devices are getting the latest Windows Updates in a timely manner after we have approved the deployment.

When are Updates released?

Microsoft generally releases updates on the 2nd Tuesday of the month - unless there is an emergency patch released for a serious vulnerability.

CSCS delay the release of updates by 14 days for standard updates, and 180 days for major "Feature Updates".

Once the updates have been released by CSCS you can manually install them, or after 2 days your PC will automatically download and install them generally before 8AM or after 5PM.


How does this affect me?

Once the updates have been installed you will receive a notification stating that the PC needs to be rebooted:

  • Windows Update Icon
Mouse-over on Update Icon

You will also see an icon on the Power / Shutdown menu:

If you do not select "Update and restart" or "Update and shut down", you will receive a reminder every 2 days for 7 days:


If you choose to Snooze this reminder, you will receive it again every 2 days (or until you chose to next snooze it) until a week after the updates are installed, after which you will receive a "Persistent Notification" (i.e. one that stays on-screen and without a Snooze button) stating that the PC will reboot in one hour if you do not manually reboot it - after one hour the device will reboot itself.

Note: If your device is off for a long time the updates will install as soon as the device is turned on, and you may receive a message that the device will reboot that day, rather than giving you the 7-day grace period.


Why are you doing this?

CSCS are making this change to make it easier for you to keep your device up to date and secure - previously you needed to confirm you wanted to install the updates, which lead to some devices becoming out of date due to lack of use or simply not spotting the notifications. Once this has been implemented devices will automatically install the updates without you needing to worry about it.