Issuing Uni of Cam Colleague or Visitor Tickets


All University staff can issue a limited number of short term colleague  for the Wireless network "Uni of Cam".


  • Your department must have Uni of Cam wireless
  • You must be a university employee
  • You will need your Raven credentials

Logging on to the Wireless Service Console

  1. Go to
  2. "Click here to log in to the University Wireless Service Console"
  3. Login with RAVEN

Choose the appropriate section below to continue.

 Issuing Colleague Tickets
  1.  Click in the Colleague Tickets tab

  2. Enter a name
  3. enter a start date and end date
  4. Click the green plus symbol
  5. A ticket with guest credentials will be created - you can see it in the list at the bottom of the screen:
  6. Use the buttons on the right to share the details with your guest.
 Issuing Visitor Tickets and printing off several tickets at once

For a single person:

  • Go to this web page
  • Log in with Raven ID and password
  • Select the ‘Visitor Tickets’ or ‘Colleague Tickets’ tab
  • Enter the person’s name and dates for the wireless access and click green +
    • This is what the entry screen looks like:

  • Go to the entry you just created in the list below and click on the appropriate button to email, sms or print the visitor ticket

For more than 1 person:

  • Go to this web page
  • Log in with Raven ID and password
  • Choose the ‘Events’ tab
  • Click the hyperlink ‘Click here to create a new Faculty of Clinical Medicine event’
  • Enter the following information (see screenshot of window below):
    • event name (e.g. month)
    • The dates the ticket will be valid
    • The number of tickets
    • Click Save
    • You can then go to the list of tickets and print or save them to a spreadsheet.