Manually update Global Address Book in Outlook for Windows

Introduction to the Global Address Book

The Global Address Book contains a list of everyone with an email address on our system. It allows you to quickly address your email without having to save individual contact records for everyone, and to easily look up people on a directory within our email systems.


You need an email account with an @medschl or @slcu email address.


The Global Address Book allows you to look up or type someone's name into the To field to send them an email rather than having to type their entire email address. To use the Global Address Book either click on the  box in a new message or start typing someone's name in the To field and press Ctrl + K to auto complete.

The Global Address Book on your computer doesn't update instantaneously so you may notice that you don't see a new starter on the list.  To force the address book to update, follow the instructions below.

How to initiate a manual update

 Outlook 2016 for Windows

Click on File, Account Settings and then Select Download Address Book...

Click Ok.

This will update the Global Address Book for Outlook on your computer.

This can take some time however please feel free to continue using Outlook. Once completed the Window will automatically close.