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Free University IT Training

  • The UIS training department offers a wide range of free IT courses and topics include:

    • Collaborating in Office 365 using MS Teams, Excel, Word, PowerPoint etc

    • Running Meetings, Webinars, Live Events in Teams

    • File Management in Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive

    • Beginners or improvers skills in Word or Excel to more intermediate topics like document layout for reports and long docs to save time and data analysis tools in Excel and using Power Automate

    • HR systems courses on CHRIS, RAS, Web Recruitment and CCWS

    • For Creatives there is a large library of courses on the Adobe products and many more

  • You can choose from either taught or self-taught formats, and

  • The list of courses on offer can be found at The checkbox filters at the top of this page allow you to filter on the different training formats - Instructor led, or self-taught and online.  

UIS Training Website Screenshot
UIS Training Website Screenshot

  • You can also use the search box to find courses for specific applications or look into the when the courses are running - Course Timetables

  • Here are some free suggested online or self-taught courses that may be of interest are as follows:





Microsoft 365 Excel Essential Training

Microsoft 365 Outlook Essential Training  

Microsoft 365 Word Essential Training

Microsoft 365 Excel and Functions

Microsoft 365 PowerPoint Essential Training

University Information Services Training - LiL: PowerPoint Essential Training (Office 365/Microsoft 365) (Online) (

Windows 11 Essential Training

Zoom Essentials

LinkedIn Learning