HLRI - Basic computer moving instructions

Please refer to the below for packaging and labelling instructions provided by the moving company. 

Computer Instructions

Before you go….

  • Disconnect telephone from voice network by squeezing end of cable and pulling, do not yank or pull hard on the cable
  • Disconnect computer from network by squeezing end of the cable, do not yank or pull hard on the cable
  • Disconnect mouse from computer
  • Disconnect keyboard from computer
  • Disconnect monitor/s from computer
  • Please keep cables and power leads together – place them on top of your keyboard or pack in your crate
  • Due to label shortage, only label your screen/s (no need to label keyboard, phone etc as these will be packed with your screen/s)
  • Ensure you have taken all your power leads and cables with you, as you will need them in your new location

At your destination….

Computer location has been pre-determined so it is important that you plug your computer in to the network point that was designated for it. Allocation of ports is described below:

  • Connect telephone cable to a wall or desk port
  • Connect PC data cable to wall or desk port 
  • Connect mouse, keyboard and monitors to your device (Guides on connecting monitors and devices can be found here)
  • Speak to colleagues and department move champions if you are missing cables of having issues after the move.