Hutchison VPN Certificate Expiration


The security certificate used by the Hutch VPN has expired. This will cause a certificate error when connecting.

Please note: CSCS have ordered a replacement certificate which will fix the error once it has been received.  However it may take a few days to be recieved and put in place.  in the meanwhile follow the instructions below to use the Hutch VPN.


If trying to connect, the VPN client will prompt you to accept the invalid certificate. It is OK to press yes.

This happens towards the end of the VPN connection process. Sometimes this prompt appears behind any window open on the computer so it looks like the VPN is taking a long time to connect. A good indicator of this is a flashing icon on the taskbar at the bottom of your screen.

For another work around do the following:

On a Windows /MAC machine you can press the settings button when connecting:

Click ‘Edit the Selected connection’ :

Click the Do not warn on invalid certificate box below: