Meeting Rooms - Wireless Presentation


Some Meeting Rooms within the Clinical School Campus are now equipped with the capability for Wireless Presentation using a device called Via Go. This makes it easy to present your laptop screen while seated at the meeting room table. This guide explains the setup required to use these devices.


CSCS is able to in-person AV support to the Clinical School building only at this time. In other areas, support is provided by the local groups or by the AV company that installed the equipment. We maintain this  documentation, which we hope is useful to all.


  1. You must be in a meeting room with a Presentation Gateway - this should be indicated on your list of sources.
  2. You need a laptop or mobile device!
  3. Your device must be on the Clinical School network - this means using MINTS Wi-Fi. eduroam and UniofCam are both University guest networks, so if you are using these then you will need to connect to the Clinical School network Via VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  4. Administrator rights to install the required software
  5. You must install the Via Go software - see below for links


1. On the Room AV equipment, select the Wireless Presentation as your source. This will vary from room to room. You will see a Welcome Screen, with instructions, a Room Name and Connection Code like this:

2. If this is the first time, then on the device you wish to present from, download and the Via Go software for your device:

3. Install the Software

 Windows Installer

4. Launch the Via Software.

The interface is different on different platforms, but you will be prompted for the Room Name and then a Connection Code similar to the below:

Enter these as displayed on the Welcome Screen.

HINT: On a CSCS supported PC, you only have to type the first part of the name, so SR06 instead of

5. Click Connect.

6. When you are ready to share your screen, click Present


Multiple users can connect to a single Presentation Gateway, and swap between screens.

Admin Information: /wiki/spaces/ASB1/pages/18121256