Installing the VPN Client on Linux

Note: You must have sudo rights on the device to install & configure the VPN client.


  1. Open a Terminal window on the device

  2. Enter the following command to download the latest Forticlient:

    wget -O /tmp/FortiClient.deb
    WGet downloaded
  3. Once the download is complete, enter the following to install the client:

    sudo apt install -y /tmp/FortiClient.deb
    Apt Install
  4. Once the install is completed you should see the Forticlient icon in the notification area (default top-right of the screen). You can also search the Apps list for “Forticlient” and run it.

  5. Once you have opened the Forticlient, tick the box, click “I accept” and then click “Configure VPN”

  6. The settings you need will depend on which site you are connecting to. You will need to enter a “Connection name” and Description, and tick the “Customize Port” box.


Remote Gateway

Custom Port


Remote Gateway

Custom Port

Clinical School


Sainsbury Lab


Zoology Department



Example VPN Config
  1. Once you have entered the details, click “Save” and you will be presented with a login box - enter your crsid and your CSCS password and click “Connect”.