Clifford Allbutt Building (CAB) Lecture Theatre - Information

How Users Book this room

Room booking form or email the room booking team - or

Wireless Access
  • Eduroam
  • UniOfCam
  • Mints 
There is no NHS wireless available in the CABLT, any signal that is found will be a weak signal from neighboring buildings.

NHS Computer


NHS Accounts

We are unable to manage NHS logons. Users will need to contact the NHS IT.

 Click here for NHS IT Contact details

NHS/Novosco IT Service Desk Contact Details

If NHS equipment needs to be ordered, please ask Custodians Mark Shadbolt, they should be set up as users for the CUH and have a Trust PC at reception. When ordering you must state payment code as "Please invoice" as the School doesn't have a payment or cost code. This system works and is much quicker and easier than previous methods.

External Phone Number01223 257257 (ext 257257)
Clinical School Email address                         

NHS Network Cable Connection


UNI Computer

Can be logged into with generic account or CSCS User account, the login details are on the computer screen at logon.

UNI Generic Logon
CAB Reception or Clinical School Reception Staff can activate the Generic account for University Computers, users are expected to sign for the account activation in order to comply with University Policies.

UNI Network Cable Connection


Available Audio Visual ConnectionsVGA and HDMI

Projector/TV Screen

Projector Installed into Room.


  • 2 X Handheld microphones (kept in lectern)
  • 6 X Bench mounted microphones
  • 1 x Lectern microphone

Video Conferencing Unit


Phone in room

Yes - Standard University VOIP phone to reach AV Support