Clinical School Room Bookings using Booker

Room Booking Contact: Mark Shadbolt #36704 or Custodian Team #36700 / / 


People with Booker accounts (Raven login) will be able to book the teaching rooms in the Clinical School building rooms directly via Booker.
This system is bespoke and custom-built to handle Room bookings:

  • Fully displays all rooms within the Clinical School building and the associated availability

  • No longer requires a CSCS/Medschl account to book rooms

  • Cancel or amend bookings directly

  • Room booking contact within the School (Mark Shadbolt)

  • Floor plans, photos of rooms, and each room’s facilities can be found on the Room Booking Website

  • All room bookings meeting, teaching, eLearning, and lecture theatres as well as parking spaces in one place

Please see Using the Seminar Rooms - A First Time Guide for guidance on how to use the rooms