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CSCS Services are available to the Clinical School, Department of Zoology, Careers and the Sainsbury Laboratory. The services are all opt-in and need to be applied for on an individual basis.  Below is a list of the services and a link to the application page.  


ServiceDescriptionCost (different charges may apply to institutions outside of the School of Clinical Medicine)Link to Application Form
Audio Visual

CSCS Supports seminar and teaching rooms in the Clinical School Building and the CAB Lecture Theatre only.

We aim to respond to AV incidents within 5 minutes.

Funded by the SCMn/a
Network Connection

The Network Connection service is available for computers, wireless access points, printers or VoIP telephones and provides a connection to the CSCS network and the internet.

With this service you can expect the following:

  • At least 100Mb connection for all data devices, 1Gb connections where possible.
  • All VoIP network is provided with PoE and redundant power supplies to support some electrical outages.
  • Departmental network equipment is maintained and replaced by CSCS.

Please note that this is a wired network connection only and does not include wifi.


User Account

A CSCS User account subscription provides access to the following services:

• An e-mail account with 50GB of e-mail storage. This is provided on an Exchange environment which allows users to share mail and calendar, seamlessly integrate external devices such as phones and access their e-mail offsite via webmail (available only on special request for members of Zoology)

• 50GB of network storage space. This provides safe and secure data storage for our users and will be available internally or externally via SFTP

• The ability to login to CSCS supported workstations. Please be aware that we register all visitors and staff at the Central Computing Service which provides a CRSID. This then allows access to Raven and is used as the standard username for logging onto CSCS supported computers.


Purchase a Computer, laptop or monitorWe provide a hardware purchasing service which includes configuration, installation, delivery to your desk and the fee to join our Computer Support Service.  Ordering the standard models on this page will ensure you get the best pricing on your order.15% CSCS fee added to purchase price which covers purchasing, setup and delivery of your hardware.
Add a Computer to the Computer Support serviceThis service allows you to add hardware not purchased by CSCS to the Computer Support Service.  Hardware needs to meet our minimum specifications to be eligible.£100 (one off)

Computer Support

Users that have their PC, Mac or Laptop supported by us will receive the following services:

  • Access to the CSCS network
  • Troubleshooting, virus removal and software installations
  • Remote support using remote our remote access software for workstations
  • Onsite support from our technical support team, including the collection of problematic computers and delivery when work has been completed
  • Automatically applies windows updates and anti-virus to ensure security
  • Maintenance and servicing of your computer in the event of malfunction
  • If your computer fails whilst supported by us we will provide a loan desktop pc so that you may continue your work whilst repairs are completed (this is subject to availability)
  • If your computer is in warranty and was purchased through CSCS, we will liaise with the supplier and arrange for a technician to deliver your machine upon completion.

We have minimum requirements that all computers being added to support must meet.

The one off cost is to add a machine to support which was not purchased through CSCS. Once added to support it is on the CSCS domain which provides access to network resources including the use of CSCS user accounts and group drives.

Please note we do not perform visits to computers not on the CSCS network. In pre-approved situations, offsite devices can sign up for support but in the event of an incident that cannot be remotely resolved the owner will need to bring the device to the CSCS office for repair. Also note that this service doesn't include physically moving and reconnecting the device.


Typically computers would also have the Network Connection Service above (£3.91/month)

£100 (one off)

Remove computer from support

Removing a computer from support isn’t simply a matter of removing it from your bill. It can have several implications.

An unsupported computer:

  • Can’t be logged onto with a Mints/SLCU/Biosci account and needs a local account
  • Home and group drives will no longer be mapped automatically
  • Printers will need to be added manually as the automatic mapping and maintenance of drivers no longer happens
  • Needs operating system and other software patches to be installed by the user
  • May need the operating system that it came with originally re-installed
  • May need some software removed if the licence only applies to supported computers

Printer Support

With this service you will be provided with a print queue which makes it easier for many users to connect to a single printer. 
You will also receive general support including troubleshooting printing issues and investigating hardware damage.

• A print queue on the server to share one printer to multiple users
• Support fixing printing issues
• Help sourcing parts and replacements for hardware
• A loan mono printer if required
• Reports on printer usage

£50 (one off)

£7.49/month for Printer support.

A supported printer also needs a Network connection for £3.91/month


The VPN Service allows you to connect your computer to the University Network while off-site, allowing you to access on-site computers, storage and other systems.

n/c provided the user has a CSCS Account and is assigned a computer with our billable Network Connection service

Group Drive

Space is provisioned for use by more than one CSCS user account. The space is provisioned to allow data sharing by CSCS users and/or groups. Security is managed by domain permissions.

Initial storage size is set at 100GB. Additional storage can be provisioned on request.

N.B. Only CSCS Accounts are able to access a Group Drive and therefore a CSCS User Account is required for anyone requiring access at the full monthly charge.

£ 0/month for first 100GB for a department

Up to 500GB £8/month

500GB - 1TB £12.36 per month

Additional TB available for £12.36/TB/Month

Expand Group Drive An increase in Group Drive space in 100GB Increments. Note, that group drives with over 700 GB are better to change to the Large Data store which provides 1TB of space for roughly the same price.£12.36/month per TB increment

Mailbox Only

"New Role-based Mailbox"

This is simply a mailbox (50GB) which allows multiple users to use the same email address to send and receive from as well as have access to the mailbox.

Perfect for teams working from a single email address together. 

In order to use this functionality, each person must already have a CSCS User Account. Once you have provided the names to our Service Desk, the new mailbox will show up within the list of Outlook mail boxes.

You will also be able to us the "switch user" function within webmail to see the mailbox. This allows access from anywhere around the world through a web browser.


Additional Home Drive SpaceCSCS Accounts have home drives (U:/) that start out at 50 GB and can be increased in 50 GB increments if more space is needed.£8/month per increment of 50 GB
Online Archive Mailbox quota upgradeCreate or increase the size of an mailbox archive. This is an additional 10 GB of archive mail storage and you can apply for this more than once if you need to keep expanding.£10/month per increment of 10 GB
Large Data StoreThis service provides a research group with an individual data store sized in increments of 1TB.
This can be made available as a simple file share, or as a mount to a server (either ISCSI or an NFS or CIFS export/share).
£12.36/month per TB of data
Rack Rental

Charge per U of CSCS rack space.

Devices in the racks may also need the Network Connection Service.

£20/U per month

£375/half rack per month

£650/whole rack per month
Managed Server

A server which is supported by CSCS including Operating System and hardware (where appropriate) but not applications. This could be a virtual or physical server.

Note: physical servers will also need the Network Connection Service.

Unmanaged Server

For security reasons, CSCS is no longer offering this service and will transition existing unmanaged servers over to our managed service.

A server hosted on our hardware that is unsupported by CSCS and managed by the network. This could be a virtual or physical server.

Note: physical servers will also need the Network Connection Service.
Server StorageTo add additional storage to a managed, virtual server£8/month for each 50 GB
Phone ConnectionVoIP telephones require a network connection to function.  This charge pays for the maintenance of the switching and infrastructure that delivers a phone signal to the desk, but not the actual phone extension number, which is provided by the University Telecoms office.£2.78/month
SDHS Study Charges

The Secure Data Hosting Service (SDHS) provides a Safe Haven for members of the School to store sensitive data, including Personally Identifiable Data. It is  managed by the Clinical School Computing Service (CSCS) in collaboration with the Information Governance Office on behalf of the School. Non-CSCS customers are welcome to use the service. The SDHS is run on a cost-recovery basis, and so certain aspects are chargeable.

Who should use the SDHS?

Research studies sponsored by the Clinical School, using Personally Identifiable Data must store that PID in a Safe Haven approved by the Information Governance Office. Typically the PID will be a spreadsheet or database holding the link keys, and research data itself is anonymized and stored on standard network drives.

See the FAQ for more details

Note: there is no SLA for the setup and maintenance of SDHS studies. These activities are done on a best endeavours basis and are subject to delays at busy times of the year.

Initial SDHS group drive up to 5 GB - n/c

1 TB total space £12.36/month

Additional 1 TB increment £12.36/month

SDHS Access (Token) £10/month/user

SDHS Citrix £4/month/user

Non-SCM SDHS Access £21.45/month/user

Non-SCM SDHS Citrix £4/month/user

SDHS collaborator - for up to 4/study n/c. Charged at our hourly rate if there are more than 4.
SDHS Amendment

If you need to add or remove users or make other changes to an existing SDHS study, use the forms located on our Self Service Portal.

When requesting for a new user to have access to a study please also state any access that needs to be granted to the Transfer Server.

Note: there is no SLA for the setup and maintenance of SDHS studies. These activities are done on a best endeavours basis and are subject to delays at busy times of the year