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IT Services in the HLRI building continue to be provisioned. At present and until the validity date above, the status of IT systems and support is outlind outlined below.


The default network in the building for network or internet access is via wifi. Please connect to one of the following wifi networks and use your VPN to get to internal data and systems:


There are 2 MFP printers in the building.  HRLIPR01 HRLIPR04 is on the first floor and HLRIPR02 HLRIPR03 is on the second. Scan to email is available at both.

Printers are only available if you are subsribed subscribed to the CSCS network connection service, have a user account and you are using the wired network in the building.  To apply please use this form: Printing to these printers is not available using Eduroam/Wifi.