Preparation ahead of migration

To prepare for the migration, there are a number of steps that we recommend you follow, which are documented below. Doing so will ensure the transition to the new platform is as seamless as possible.

  • Ensure you have a compatible version of Microsoft Office

Your computer/s must be on a version of Microsoft Office 2019 or newer and it is recommended to upgrade to Office 2021 or Microsoft 365. Please see the below guides to check your version and self-serve update


Please note that if you are not on a compatible version of Office, you will not be able to access your email using Outlook. However, you can still access using webmail.

  •  Know your Raven credentials

Your mailbox will be accessed using your Raven login. You can test this by going to and logging in. If you are unable to, or do not recall your password, please contact the CSCS Service Desk and ask for it to be changed for you.

  • Identify your mailbox rules and make a note of these

It is not possible to transfer mailbox rules due to differences in functionality and architecture between the two platforms. We encourage you to review your existing rules and identify any that will need to be re-created in Exchange Online. A guide on how to do this is here:

  • Remove any mail forwarding rules

Using the mailbox rules guide above, disable (untick) any mail forwarding rules on your email account. This will reduce the probability of any mail loops. These can be re-applied in Exchange Online post-migration. Some rules are local to your device and only you can disable them. Other forwarding rules which are not local to your device will be automatically disabled as part of the migration.

  • Exchange Online mailbox

Many people already had an Exchange Online mailbox.

-Where mail is being forwarded from @cam to your medschl mailbox, and keeping a copy in Exchange Online, you will see duplicated mail once the two mailboxes are combined. If you are able to identify messages that have been forwarded, please consider deleting them or moving them to a sub folder to avoid duplication once the two mailboxes are combined.

-Where mail is being forwarded from medschl to @cam and keeping a copy in medschl email, please consider deleting email items or moving them to a sub folder to avoid duplication once the two mailboxes are combined

-Where mail is being forwarded from medschl to @cam without a copy being kept in medschl email there will be no duplication. If you do not wish for your mailbox to be migrated, please log a ticket with the CSCS Service Desk using this link advising us which mailbox you do not wish to move to Exchange Online.

  • Make a note of Out of Office settings

Out of Office notifications are rules and will need to be reapplied if they are needed after migration. A guide on how to do this is here:

  • Add AutoComplete entries as contacts

AutoComplete addresses are not backed up, so it is recommended to add frequently used entries as contacts. A guide on how to do this is here:

  • Make a note of your signature settings

Once you have migrated, you will need to reapply your signature. A guide on how to do this is here:

  • Make a note of your categories

If you use categories to flag, tag or categorise your email take note of your colours and labels. In the Outlook ribbon, choose Tags, Categorise, All Categories and take a screenshot of the names and colours that you are using.

Please note care should be taken if you use Categories within Outlook because there is a known Exchange Online feature where the migration is likely to merge existing categories to the default categories. Full details can be found here: Exchange Online - Handling Migrated Categories - CSCS Guides - Confluence (

  • Save PST archive files (note: not applicable to most users)

Most people will not have or use PST files however it is worth following this guide to check and save a copy, if they exist:

If you have migrated yourself to Exchange Online using PST files, it is important that you contact the CSCS Service Desk because there is a risk that the migration will duplicate your mail.

  • Do NOT clean up your mailbox!

Yes you read correctly. This is not a good time to clean up your mailbox as a preliminary copy of historic email may have already taken place. If you now go in and clean up, move or delete items you may find that they are copied back to their original location after your mailbox has been migrated.

  • Getting Help

If you need help during or after the migration please contact CSCS Service Desk by telephone, self-service portal or email. This service is available 09:00 to 5:00, Monday to Friday. Contact information can be found at


Do not worry if you are on leave during the migration period. The migration will still take place and on return you will be able to login and complete the process as instructed.  However, if you need access to your email whilst on leave, please contact the CSCS Service Desk to let them know so they can work out a process to ensure you have continued access.