After migration

After the migration, you will need to configure your Outlook settings to access your email on Exchange Online and apply any configuration that is not brought over by the migration. 

  • Exchange Online

Log in to Exchange Online using your Raven credentials the day following migration.

  •  Configure Outlook

In order to use Outlook with your Exchange Online mailbox, you will need to configure it for each device that you use. A guide on how to do this is here:

  • Mailbox settings

Apply any mailbox settings that could not be migrated – you will need to apply mailbox rules, Out of Office settings, categories and signatures. A guide on how to do this is here:

  • Calendar settings

If you were allowing your colleagues to edit or see details of your calendar you will need to set up your calendar permissions again. You can follow this guide:

  • Duplicate mail

If significant volumes of mail are duplicated, please contact the CSCS Service Desk.

  • Default email address

All of your medschl and cam email will now appear in Exchange Online. Sending email can be done from either of the 2 email addresses. The default address that you used previously has been duplicated to Exchange Online so any messages will be sent out from that address. Outlook may display your from address as @cam but actually send from medschl. You can test this by sending an email to yourself to confirm. It seems to take up to 3 days for the from address to be correctly displayed in Outlook.

See this guide on how to change senders should you need to:

  • Mail forwarding

Log in to lookup at and make sure that your @cam delivery address is correct. If you were previously forwarding email to medschl, it is recommended that you update this to Exchange Online from the drop-down list in the @cam delivery address section. Your Exchange Online address will be populated automatically.

  • Add shared mailboxes (if you have any)

If you have access to any shared mailboxes or calendars you will need to add them to Outlook. You can follow this guide:

  • Sending email

If you need to email colleagues that haven’t been migrated yet, ensure that you type in their medschl email address or they may not get the message.

  • Getting Help
    If you need help during or after the migration please contact the CSCS Service Desk.