Configure Outlook on a Home Windows PC


This document will walk you through how to configure your Outlook to connect to CSCS email servers.


  • Internet connection
  • CSCS User account
  • Office installed

If you do not have a recent version of Office installed on your personal computer, you might want to install Office 365 Pro Plus using the guide /wiki/spaces/FAQSTAGE/pages/24379656


Opening Setup

 Configuring Outlook for the first time

If Outlook is not yet configured for any other accounts, then follow these instructions:

  1. Open Outlook. The first run wizard will begin:

  2. Account setup will start:

  3. Select Yes, and click Next

 If Outlook is already configured for other accounts...

if you already have Outlook configured follow these instructions:

  1. Open Outlook
  2. click on the File menu item then click on the + Add Account button

Configuring Your Account

  1. The Auto Account Setup window will open; complete all the fields. If you are unsure of your password you can test it by logging onto webmail as per via Webmail
  2. Click Next
  3. You will be prompted to allow this website to configure your email. Tick the box and click Allow.

  4. You will be prompted to provide your domain credentials - the defaults are incorrect - so click Other Account:

    1. If you are configuring an @medschl account, then enter your username as MINTS\username (this will be your University ID)
  5. Setup is now complete
  6. Your email, calendar and tasks will begin to download to your computer. Please note that depending on the size of your mailbox this can take quite a while.