Exchange Online Migration - Customers without ExOL

If you previously did not already have an Exchange online mailbox, you would have received an email on August 1st from the IT Announcements mailbox titled “Exchange Online migration - notice of pre-staging”. If you received that message (the text is included below), this page applies to you.

Your central University Exchange Online mailbox was created for you a few weeks ago and all your old messages up to 30 June 2023 were copied into there.

For you the final part of the migration will begin at the end of the working week. You will receive an email notification when this begins. As of that time you will use to send and receive email.  Any email created or received after 1 July 2023 will be copied into this mailbox over the weekend. You will eventually need to change all your devices to point to that system but can use webmail in the meanwhile. 

Here is the schedule of migration dates for the remaining departments:

Message contents:

Text of the message sent out to all customers in this situation:

Dear Colleague, As you are aware, we have been working on migrating @medschl email over to the UIS Exchange Online system. We are going to start preparing your mailbox by using a third-party tool for email migration. The migration tool runs in two steps. First it takes a snapshot of all the items in your mailbox dated up to 23:59 30th June. Then, it runs again at a later date adding in anything that has been created or received since 1st July. We will start running the tool this evening. Therefore it is important that you do not reorganise or delete any items dated prior to 23:59 30th June until you have been advised your migration is complete. In the meantime, anything created or arriving after 1st July is fine to delete, or move into a folder. Were you to move an item older than 1st July to another folder, or delete it, you would find that it reappears where they were originally thus creating duplicate messages. Nothing would be lost but the duplicates may cause you extra work. We have not yet scheduled your department for its migration over to Exchange Online. You will receive 3 days' notice before you are migrated. If you should be on holiday on the migration date it can happen without you being at work. You would be able to access your new mailbox over webmail. The old medschl mailbox would still be available as a read-only copy so nothing would be lost. Please see our FAQ if you have further questions: ​