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Once you have successfully logged into the Secure Data Hosting Service (as per Accessing the SDHS), you will be presented with a Windows 7 10 Virtual Desktop, like this:

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This works exactly the same as a normal Windows 7 10 desktop, with the addition of the Citrix Receiver options at the top of the screen:


Since all users of the SDHS use the same Windows 7 10 image as the basis for their virtual desktop, we can only install applications that do not require additional licensing. We have installed Microsoft Office (as this is now site-licenced by the University) and a range of open source utilities that have been requested. These applications should be sufficient to store, manipulate and anonymise your data.

Image Removed*Outlook and email access is not permitted within the SDHS


If you would like to request a new application to be added to the SDHS, please send your request to the our Service Desk and it will be evaluated.

If you wish to use programs such as SPSS or STATA against your data, you will need to one of the following:

  1. Anonymise your data, before exporting it out of the SDHS. You can then run the analysis on your computer.
  2. CSCS can host a private computer in the SDHS on your behalf, for you to run your software. This will typically cost £50/month - contact us for details.


Users do not have access to priveleged utitlities privileged utilities and shall not attempt to install software themselves or make changes to the SDHS (as per the AUP). Requests for changes or software installation must come via the CSCS service desk. 


When you are finished using the SDHS

Log out of the Virtual Desktop


Click on the top dropdown arrow menu > Disconnect 

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Right click on the  windows button on the taskbar > Sign out

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  1. Log out of the SDHS Web Page
    1. Go back to the website that you logged into to open the virtual desktop
    2. On the top right corner, click the drop-down with your namename 
      1. Click Log Out:Image Removed

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