Videoconferencing with External Participants


If you need to host a meeting or interview at the Clinical School and invite attendees from remote locations you may want to use the videoconferencing units in SR5 (The Committee Room), SR8 or SR21.

Most people are familiar with Skype, however Skype is not compatible with industry standards (it is good at communicating mainly with itself), and therefore it does not work with the videoconferencing systems in the Clinical School. Remote guests dialling into the Clinical School's VideoConferencing Facilities must instead use software called Cisco Webex Teams.


The Clinical School 'Host' needs:

  • To book SR8, SR21 or the Committee Room
  • To send the guest a link to the instructions below
  • To agree a room and a time in the invitation to the guest

The remote 'Guest' needs:

  • A PC or Mac with webcam and microphone (as is standard on laptops)
  • Good Internet Access (a wired connection will give better results than Wi-Fi)
  • To either use from a browser or install Cisco Webex Teams as explained below

Instructions for Hosts

We recommend that you send the participants a link to this page the guests in advance and perhaps arrange a test with them beforehand. We are happy to assist any test - just contact the service desk to arrange. You will need to advise the participant which room they are dialling:

RoomExternal Phone PrefixPhone ExtensionCisco Webex Teams Address
Committee Room01223
Seminar Room 2101223
Seminar Room 801223

Instructions for Guests

The instructions for guests are now on a separate page: Videoconferencing with the University - Instructions for Guests You can send this link directly to your guest.


If you would like to arrange a test or demonstration beforehand, please contact our Service Desk.