Set up Remote Desktop Connection on your Intune device.


This page will take you through the configuration steps for setting your device up to allow you to remotely connect from offsite. Devices connected to the Intune service require some additional set up to the normal RDP connection set up.


  • An Intune connected PC required to be accessed from offsite
    NB: These instructions only apply if the device to be connected to is joined to Intune - for devices not joined to Intune please see this page: Remotely Connect to Your Work PC
  • A CSCS user account
  • A wired network connection to the device
  • CSCS to enable RDP ports on the device - Contact the Service Desk to request this.


When setting up the connection to the Azure device it will require some additional set up compared to the standard process which users might go through normally connecting to their onsite device. This is because Microsoft want devices connecting to an Azure device to also be Azure connected or Azure registered within the same Azure tenancy. To get around you will need to ask/help the user to create a custom RDP file.

Step 1 - Configure your work PC to accept remote connections

  1. Ensure that the Remote Connections are enabled.

     How to check & enable Remote Desktop
    1. Click the Start button () and type Remote Desktop Settings; then click on it when it appears in the start menu.
    2. If "Enable Remote Desktop" is set to off, click on the slider to Enable Remote Desktop:
    3. Click "Confirm" on the prompt to enable Remote Desktop:

    Disable Network Level Authentication

    Even if Remote Desktop was already enabled, you need to check and ensure this is disabled to allow connections from all devices.

    1. In the Remote Desktop Settings window, click on "Advanced Settings":
    2. Ensure "Enable Network Level Authentication" is disabled:
    3. If this is ticked, click on the box to un-tick it and click "Confirm" when prompted.
  2. Ensure you are in the "Allow" list for Remote Desktop Access:

     How to check you are enabled for Remote Desktop Access
    1. Click the Start button () and type Remote Desktop Settings; then click on it when it appears in the start menu.
    2. In the window that opens scroll down to the bottom and click on "Select users that can remotely access this PC":
    3. If you already have access you should see your username listed above the "Add" button:
    4. If you do not see this, please contact the CSCS Service Desk (or call 01223 336261) to Request Admin rights on the Device and get yourself added.

Step 2 - Configure your PC to stay on

Without this, your PC will go to sleep after 30 minutes, and you won't be able to connect.

  1. Click Show settings beside Keep my PC awake for connections when it is plugged in

  2. Under Sleep - change When plugged in, turn off after section choose Never:

  3. To go back, press the "back" button on your mouse or backspace on your keyboard

Step 3 - Set up the remote connection file

For an Intune connected device you will need to do some configuration of the Remote Desktop file. Please download the attached RDP configuration file and follow the steps to below to configure:


Once downloaded open the file by double-clicking on it and you should be presented with a window as below. Then please enter the IP address and add your CRSID in the format of "" after the "azuread\":

  1. Set up the RDP file with the IP address for your computer.  If you're unsure of your device IP please see: Finding the IP Address of a Computer to help you locate this.
  2. Username (CRSID) to be saved in the RDP file in the format of AzureAD\[username]
  3. Click "Save As..." and please save this somewhere you can easily located it, such a the Desktop, with a connection name eg. Office PC/CSCS Computer etc.

For Apple Mac's please download Microsoft Remote Desktop from the Apple Store and use AzureAD\[username] as the username.

*Connection from within Remote Desktop within Citrix Apps won't work so a local download of Remote Desktop App is required using the above methods

Using Remote Desktop Connection from home

To connect to a computer with RDC enabled follow these steps. Note your computer in the office must be switched on. If you forgot to switch on your office computer before you left the office, try calling a colleague and have them switch on the computer for you.

  1. First, launch and sign into the VPN
  2. Locate the previously saved RDP file and double click this to launch and connect to the device.
  3. Your device will then connect across to your device using the saved RDP file. It will take you to a logon screen and you'll need to enter your CSCS password to then connect onto the device.

N.B.  We've found that sometimes users will need to re-specify the domain at this point to allow logon. To do this just add azuread\... again before your username (CRSID) to allow logon to occur correctly.

Signing out of Windows 10:

  1. When you are done you can disconnect from the session by closing the window. If you do this, you will be able to log back in and continue where you left off.
  2. If you click the Windows / Start button , then the Account icon  and choose Sign out, your session will be ended and all applications closed.  However, your on site computer will remain switched on, so that you can access it again in future.
  3. If you click the Windows / Start button and choose shut down, your on site computer will be powered off.  Someone will need to switch on your computer. before you can access it again.  Although CSCS are sometimes able to do this remotely (via Wake-on-LAN), this cannot be guaranteed.  Thus a colleague or a custodian may need to visit your on site computer in person, and physically switch it on via the computer's power button.

If you find you have any issues with completing the above please contact the CSCS Service Desk who can provide advice and assistance in setting this file up for you.