Computer Post-Installation Checklist (Windows)


Once your computer has been reinstalled, there are a number of checks you should perform to make sure everything is as expected, and get you up and running as quickly as possible



If your Operating System or Office Suite has been upgraded, then you may wish to browse the available training resources before getting stuck in:

Microsoft Office Online Training

Windows Training coming soon Damien Hallsworth

Post-Install Checklist

Checking Your Setup

Check your data

The most important first step is to check your data is all where you would expect it. Check your profile folders, such as Desktop, Documents, Videos. All data should be present due to User's Guide to Folder Redirection

Check Outlook Settings and Archives

Open Outlook. You may need to provide credentials for the first time. Check your email accounts are configured, and any archives are present and connected.

If any expected archives are NOT connected, see instructions on Outlook Archives. If you cannot find the archive file, then they may not have been transferred, in which case you will need to extract the files - see below.

Check your Browser Bookmarks

Check your bookmarks and add-ons are installed. If you have previously configured bookmark syncing then they should be; you may need to sign in to bookmark syncing again to  syncing on this computer first before your bookmarks download.

Check your Printers

Depending on the printers you usually use, they may or may not have been carried over.

  1. To check printers, open Start Menu > Devices and Printers
  2. If any printers are missing, follow the appropriate guide at Printers - Adding a Printer

Check your Keyboard Language

If you had a keyboard layout other than UK English, this will need to be reconfigured. Instructions on how to do this at Microsoft Support

Reinstall missing applications

  1. Make sure you have licence keys for any applications you need to install - see Retrieving Licence Keys and Installers from Software Sales
  2. Install your applications via CSCS Software Library or contact the Service Desk. More details and instructions at our guide on Installing Software

Request Admin rights if needed

If you regularly need to install applications, you may need administrative rights. See CSCS Admin Rights Policy & Do I need Admin rights?

Extract any missing data from your System Backup

If you discover anything is missing, then see your guide on Restoring Files from a System Backup. Give our Service Desk a call if you need help with any stage

Delete your System Backup

System Backups can take up a lot of space - often most of your local hard disk. It is good practice to delete it as soon as you are sure they are not needed. CSCS will keep a copy of your backup for 30 days after your reinstallation.