Zoom - Licences & Support


  • Historically CSCS has been able to provide licenses, but in 2023, the University set up a central University Zoom account that all institutions can join.

  • This central Univeristy license reduces the overall administrative burden of maintaining many licences and potentially lowers costs for individual institutions by consolidating the University's spend. 

  • The School of Clinical Medicine Zoom accounts were consolidated with the central UIS account as of June 2023 and so CSCS will no longer be administering any Zoom accounts.

How to join the University’s Zoom account

Signing in

  • Accounts in the University Zoom group will be forced to sign-in using “SSO” or Single Sign-On from Aug 1, 2023.

  • We have created a guide here that demonstrates how you can sign in using single sign-on if you are unfamiliar -


  • If you have a problem with an account, as this is now managed and maintained by the University Informations Services (UIS) team, CSCS may not be able to assist with account-based issues & and so may refer you to UIS, see their contect details here.