Services available for Early Adoption

What is Early Adoption?

Services available for Early Adoption are services that have recently been completed. Typically they have been tested on common configurations only and not all documentation or training is ready. At this stage we cannot provide support as quickly, and we are not ready to make it generally available to all platforms.

However, if there is a strong demand for a service or product, we might make it available at this early stage to suitable Early Adopters - usually, you will need to be technically competent and also have an appropriate PC configuration. You might also need to agree to terms and conditions, such as keeping additional backups. Any risks will be made clear in the documentation provided.

Service Lifecycle Stages

Early support
  • The service has been tested for use with core CSCS Services (authentication, storage, patching)
  • Issues may be present in certain use-case scenarios
  • Some support staff are familiar and have been trained on this service
  • Documentation is still being updated / refined
  • As a result, technical knowledge may be needed when using this service
  • The service may be requested by technical users that accept slower response times and can cope with potential problems encountered
  • Availability: May be made available to specific test groups, or technical users with an interest in trying it.
Full support
  • The service is current
  • The majority of support staff are very familiar
  • Other CSCS Services are tested for compatibility with this service
  • CSCS maintains documentation and deployments for this service
  • CSCS updates and maintains this service to be compatible with major platforms
  • Availability:  Available to all users
Reduced support
  • This service has been retired or replaced by an alternative.
  • There may be compatibility problems with new platforms
  • Support staff may have lost familiarity with using this product
  • Other CSCS Services are no longer tested to ensure compatibility
  • CSCS will assist you in moving to the recommended replacement service
  • The service is no longer recommended or provided to new customers
  • Availability: CSCS will not deploy this product unless in exceptional circumstances
  • Compatibility problems expected
  • Represents a security risk
  • CSCS will not support this service
  • CSCS will assist you in moving to a fully supported platform
  • Availability: CSCS will not deploy this service.


Services currently available for Early Adoption: