Shared Mailboxes

What is a Shared Mailbox?

  • A shared mailbox is a mailbox that multiple people can use to read and send email messages & can also be used to provide a common calendar.

How to set up a Shared Mailbox in Outlook client

You can access your Shared Mailbox via Outlook web App, but if you would like to access them via your Outlook client; see the guides below on how to set it up:

Access via Outlook Web App on a browser

Log into using your @cam email and Raven password

Click on your initials at the top right and select Open another mailbox

Put in the name or email address of the shared mailbox and click Open



All permissions should be carried over in the migration. If you have never accessed a shared mailbox before and are unable to following the guides above it likely means you don’t have permissions in place, to gain these you would need to ask a colleague who has access already to apply using a Mailbox Access Service Request form at

Issue: Sent Items are not saved in the correct folder?

If Sent emails from shared mailboxes are going into your own sent items folder instead of the shared mailbox’s folder, this is because the Shared mailbox is set up incorrectly.

  • To check if it has been set up correctly, go to File > Account Settings > Account Settings >

  • Go to Change > More Settings > Advanced tab

  • If you see your shared mailbox under the Advanced tab, it is set up incorrectly & should be removed, so click on the Remove button, then at the bottom press Apply then Ok.

  • Restart Outlook


  • Re-add the mailbox using the recommended method for adding Shared Mailboxes as outlined below, or alternatively you can use the UIS guides if you prefer

    • Windows device -

    • Mac device -



Error: Something went wrong - The maximum number of Microsoft Exchange accounts has been added


There is a limit of 10 accounts that can be added to Outlook by default. Contact the CSCS Service Desk to have that number increased.