Setting Up Outlook on a Mac Device


This guide explains how to configure Outlook 2019, Outlook 2021 or Outlook for Office365 to connect to Exchange Online. Exchange Online is NOT compatible with Mac Mail. You must use Outlook or webmail instead.

Instructions to add an Exchange Online account to Outlook

  • Open Outlook. If no accounts are added you immediately should see the Set Up Your Email box. If not:

    • On the Menu Bar and with Outlook open, click Tools and select Accounts

    • Bottom left of the Accounts box, click the plus sign then New Account… to access Set Up Your Email

  • In the Set Up Your Email box, Please enter your email address and click Continue:


  • Enter your UIS / RAVEN password, and Approve the Sign-In Request with your phone:

  • Click Done:

  • Your Exchange Online account is now added and visible on the Accounts page. Ensure username and password fields are not blank, and that the email address you wish to send from (typically your @medschl address) is correct. Now close the box:


  • Your email, calendar and tasks will begin to download to your computer. Please note that depending on the size of your mailbox this can take quite a while. Please be patient.

  • Once you are happy that your newly added account is working correctly, you can go ahead and remove your old account by coming back to the Accounts box, highlighting the old account, and clicking the minus button (doing so removes it from Outlook on your Mac only).