Online Archive - Exchange Online


This page documents the requirements & steps to request an Online Archive in Exchange Online.

What is an Online Archive?

An Online Archive is similar to the old PST Archives in Outlook, except it is stored on the Exchange Online Servers, so is available anywhere you can access your mailbox - from Outlook Web Access, your phone, or any machine you sign into Outlook on.

This also means that any mail in the Online Archive is searchable from any device where you access Outlook, including the web-version.

What is required for an Online Archive?

In order to get an Online Archive you need to have an “A3 License” from UIS - this is assigned to all Staff at the University of Cambridge, or can be purchased for £45 per user per year if you do not qualify for it from the University.

You can check what license you currently have by:

  1. Going to

  2. Signing in with your account

  3. Click on “Subscriptions” in the menu on the left:

    My Account
  4. In the page that opens you should see “Microsoft 365 A3” - this indicates you have an A3 license and so can get an Online Archive for no additional cost:

    A3 License

    Note: If you see “Microsoft 365 A1” instead you will need to get in touch with the UIS - either to request an A3 license (if you are staff) or to purchase an A3 license:

  5. To request an Online Archive you simply need to submit a ticket asking for an “Online Archive” to the UIS using their “Self-Service Portal”:

How to access an Online Archive


Once you have an Online Archive on your account, it will appear automatically in your Outlook underneath your “normal” mailbox (you may have to scroll down if you have a lot of folders!) as “Online Archive - <crsid>@…”:

Online Archive

On the Web (Outlook Web Access):

If you go to Outlook Web Access ( it will appear in the folder-list on the left as “In Place Archive”:

Outlook Web Access Archive