Microsoft Teams - Getting Started and FAQ


Teams was released by the UIS on , although the creation of Teams is ongoing . Teams is supported and managed by the UIS, however CSCS are providing additional support and documentation to fill in some blanks caused by the release being brought forward a month due to Covid19 outbreak.

Do I have a Teams Account?

Teams accounts are free and can be created by anyone.

If you are a University staff member or student then you simply use your Raven credentials to sign into Teams.

If you are not a University member, or if you are not eligible for the University Office 365 licence (for instance visitors, alumni or non-payroll staff are not included) you can still join the conversation by creating a free Teams account at

Or, if you have been invited to a meeting you can follow the "Join meeting" link to join from a web-interface, no sign-up required! See our guide here

What is Teams? Why would I want to use it?

Teams is a collaboration and communication tool allowing chat, audio and video calls, as well as facilitating file sharing and collaborative working. See more here:

Teams at the University of Cambridge

Specific information on how Teams is being deployed across the University:

Installing Teams

Go to and download the application - it should automatically offer you the right version for your device.

If you have a Windows computer you don't need to be an administrator to install it.

If you have a Mac computer you will need to have administrative rights.  If you don't, you can always log on to the web version at

Logging into Teams

You will need to log in with your University of Cambridge Microsoft account credentials

  • Username =
  • Password = Raven password*

*Your Raven password must be synced with the Microsoft server before you can log in.

Getting Started with Contacts and Calls

Niko Overdon from CEU in Public Health and Primary Care has made a very helpful video on how to get started with Teams on YouTUBE and kindly shared it with us. Thanks Niko!

Click to play:

What if I need help?

Firstly, check the online training

Check if your question is answered in the CSCS FAQ Pages

Teams is managed and supported by the UIS Service Desk, who can be contacted on 01223 332999 or via their Self-Service Portal

The CSCS Service Desk Team will assist on a best efforts basis, e.g. with usability issues, however as we are busy please check the training videos before calling us!

Requesting a New Team

If you wish to request a new team, fill out this form and UIS will create it and get back to you when it is done.

If you have already installed Teams, then you can skip to 4:00


I can't find the button to book a meeting in the Teams application

You must have a UIS Exchange Online account for a button to appear in Teams allowing you to book a meeting.  The vast majority of Medical School (medschl) and Sainsbury Lab (SLCU) email users do not have this type of email account; thus will not be able to book a meeting this way.  To book a meeting, go to Outlook, and set up the appointment and click the Teams Meeting button (highlighted in yellow in the screenshot below) in the ribbon. This will insert a link into the Outlook appointment to a meeting space that all invitees can use.

I don't have a "Teams Meeting" or "New Teams Meeting" button in Outlook (on Windows), or clicking it does nothing - what do I do?

This is a known issue, if you get in touch with us we can resolve this remotely for you.

People can only find me by CRSID or my display name is wrong...

 See the answer...

If your lookup display name isn't properly set people can only find you in Teams by using your CRSID. Conversations etc only show your CRSID as well and not your full name. to fix this go to, log in with your raven credentials and make sure that the visibility setting for your display name is set to World. It may take 24 hours for this change to translate to your name being displayed properly.

Teams cannot see or does not use my camera or microphone...

 See the answer...

If you are connecting to your Work PC via a Remote Desktop Connection (also referred to as "RDP" or the "MSTSC" client), you will not be able to use Teams on the remote PC - Teams can only access your headset, speakers, microphone or camera if it is running on the same PC the headset / camera is plugged into, so must be running on your local rather than remote PC.

CSCS supports Windows build 1803, it is possible that your computer is running a different version. The instructions for each version vary so we must first establish which version of the operating system you are using.

Tap the Windows key 

type winver then press Enter, a Window will open titled About Windows, displaying the version number


Once you have the Version number, go to the Windows 10 Settings app (the cog on the left of the Start menu - , or by searching the start menu for "Settings" and launching the "Settings App" - ) and then go to "Privacy": 

 1803 Click here to expand...

Camera access for this device is on

Allow apps to access your camera is on

If your microphone is not working, click on "Microphone" beneath Camera on the left, and ensure "Allow apps to access your microphone" is On, and "Microphone access for this device" is On

 1903 Click here to expand...

Camera access for this device is on

Allow apps to access your camera is on

Win32WebViewHost on


If your microphone is not working, click on "Microphone" beneath Camera on the left, and ensure "Allow apps to access your microphone" is On, and "Microphone access for this device" is On, along with the "Win32WebViewHost".

 1909 Click here to expand...

Camera access for this device is on

Allow apps to access your camera is on

Desktop App Web Viewer on

Allow desktop apps to access your camera on


If your microphone is not working, click on "Microphone" beneath Camera on the left, and ensure "Allow apps to access your microphone" is On, and "Microphone access for this device" is On, along with "Desktop App Web Viewer".

Recommended Audio Settings / No sound from other applications

 See the answer…

The following are the recommended audio settings to allow you to use Teams and / or Jabber effectively on your computer, in particular if you cannot hear anything else while a call is in progress:

Recommended Settings

The settings we recommend are:

"Do not allow applications to take exclusive control"

"Do not mute other sounds when Communication is detected"

Method to change to the recommended settings:

  1. Right-click on sound icon by the clock: 

  2. In the menu that pops up click on "Open Sound Settings":
  3. In the window that opens scroll down and click on “Sound Control Panel”:

  4. A new window will open, click on your headset to select it, and then click on "Properties" at the bottom:
  5. In the next window that opens, go to the “Advanced” tab and make sure “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device” is NOT ticked:

    If it is ticked, un-tick it and click OK in the bottom-right corner. If it’s already un-ticked then just close this window.

  6. Once that window is closed, go to the previous window and click on the “Communications” tab, make sure “Do nothing” is selected – if it isn’t, click in the button beside it and then click OK:

When I try to Browse the University Teams Documentation I get an Error:

 See the answer...

This can happen when you are signed into Office 365 with an account other than your University account.

  1. Click Click here to sign in with a different account to this site:
  2. Click Use another account
  3. Enter your
  4. Complete the sign-in with your Raven credentials
  5. You should now see the documentation pages:

We are working with international collaborators, have received an invitation to join a team, but when we click the link the team does not appear for us…

 See the answer…

Other universities and businesses can ask their Team owners to invite you as guests into their Teams by using your University provided email address. Please ensure the invites are sent to you at your email address - the same address as you use to log into Teams. The invite will not work if it was sent to you, etc. If you are unsure if you receive or how to view your University ( email please contact the service desk. 

I'd like to leave feedback or make a feature request for Teams

You can use this page here to leave feedback and submit feature requests: