What is CSCS support

While both Hutch IT and Clinical School Computing Service (CSCS) both offer IT support services to end users. There are a number of key differences with how CSCS provide support that Hutch users should be made aware of. This page is intended to outline both and introduce you to CSCS support.

Who/what is CSCS - CSCS - About Us

Key Points

CSCS Account

  • Allows login to CSCS supported workstations (those on the CSCS domain)
  • Includes 50GB personal network storage space, referred to as 'Home' or 'U' drive, which also benefits from regular backups
  • The CSCS account will not enable you to access systems in the Hutch building

Contacting CSCS

Our Self Service Portal is https://itsupport.medschl.cam.ac.uk. You can log incidents and service requests and track the progress of your open issues here.

For very urgent issues, or if you're not able to log in to the portal, you can phone on 01223 336261 (open 9-5 Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays and other University/School closures)

We often need to know the computer name, so it can be advantageous to have this to hand when you log your ticket - how to find a computer name

Service Targets

The services that CSCS provides will evolve throughout the Hutch IT transition. However, please note that there are areas that Hutch IT currently support where CSCS may be limited or unable to help you. Due to the high workload during this project our team have a maximum amount of time to spend on any issue and if unable to resolve at that point, they will advise what the options are. If you are unhappy with the resolution of any ticket, you can email feedback@medschl.cam.ac.uk, and the management team will respond.

Computer Support

Users that have their computers supported by CSCS will receive the following services:

Computers must meet our minimum requirements before they can be added to support. These are currently under review, however as a general rule:

  • For macOS this means the device should be running at least Catalina.
  • For Windows, the device should ideally be capable of running Windows 11 (although Windows 11 is NOT supported yet), however, something with an Intel i5-8th generation CPU, 8GB RAM and a built-in ethernet adapter (or external adapter) is currently acceptable.
  • For Linux, the base support is an equivalent hardware requirement to Windows.

Instrument-connected computers: CSCS provides a working network connection, nothing more. Support for devices should be provided by the equipment vendor.


Hutchison users were migrated to ExOL provided by the UIS and will remain using that service. CSCS, however, can assist with Outlook mail client issues

Anyone with an existing CSCS account should have a Medschl email address and CSCS can offer more support with these accounts as we also support the Medschl mail server.

Software Licences

CSCS will not provide or store software licences. However, if you purchase a software licence, CSCS can assist with installation.

Software Installation

If you have the installation files or media, CSCS can assist with installation.

For computers still on the Hutchison domain, some software is pre-packaged and can be installed using the existing Software Centre portal

For computers migrated to CSCS Support, some software can be installed using our own portal, https://software.medschl.cam.ac.uk

  • This only works for CSCS supported computers and users would still need to obtain licence information and codes where necessary.

We have discovered that some applications deployed by Software Centre have custom configurations applied as part of the installation.  These were not handed over to CSCS so any post installation configuration will need to be done manually and may require a significant amount of effort to discover and duplicate the configurations.

Telephone (University VOIP phones)

CSCS will only look after the network infrastructure where University phones are concerned. We can make sure the network port is connected and working.

If the issue is with the handset itself (or any other aspect of the telephone service, such as voicemail), you will need to contact your Telephone Liaison officer or the University Telecoms Office, https://www.phone.cam.ac.uk

Mobile phones/tablets

CSCS does not support mobile phones or tablets.


For users and devices migrating to CSCS Support, more information about our services, as well guides and troubleshooting information, can be found on our website and also in our CSCS Guides.

Comments and Feedback

We welcome feedback - good and constructive - about CSCS services.  Please let us know what you think.

We have a web form for comments and feedback located here: https://cscs.medschl.cam.ac.uk/about-us/feedback-services/. When submitted, a copy of your message will go to the members of the CSCS Management Team who will review it and respond if necessary.