Hutchison groups computer audit - FAQs


You will have been directed to this page if you have been provided with the Computer audit template to collect additional information about devices in your group to aid with the transition to CSCS services. The below will guide you through how to collect this information and will include links to some of our internal guides.
The CSCS guides space contains a large knowledge base of support documents that are open access and can be used to assist users in resolving issues on their devices.


How to find a service tag:

For a Dell computer, there is usually a sticker on the case which shows the Service Tag, similar to the below picture.

Desktop:                                       Laptop:
5 Ways to find Dell service tag for your computer               

How to find the Room port number:

  1. Please trace back the ethernet cable from the back of your Desktop, Laptop (or Dock if connected) to the wall to see which port your device is plugged into.
  2. The port should have a small sticker on it (See example below) to identify its number in the likely format of: 325-1-A, 3/219 etc.
  3. Record information on port label sticker
  4. If no information or sticker on the port or unable to locate the connected port please indicate on the spreadsheet.

How to find a computers name

How to check which Edition and version of Windows your device is running:

  1. Open the Start menu
  2. Type "About" and click on the result "About your PC":
  3. Towards the bottom of the window that opens it will have "Version" - eg. Windows 10 Enterprise 1909

How to check the version of Microsoft Office on your device:

  1. Open a new word document on your device
  2. Click File tab
  3. Go to Account on the bottom left of the bar
  4. Once your open the Account tab the product information will be displayed on the left hand side (See screenshot below)

 Device Audit Template